Superfood Spotlight: DRAGONFRUIT

Bright and exotic, Dragonfruit is the epitome of summer food. The nutrient rich flesh of the fruit is like a cross between kiwi and cucumber and the magenta skin also provides a bevy of vitamins and minerals. After snacking on the fruit the other day at the beach I saved the peel for skincare. The brilliantly pigmented inside is soothing and hydrating for the skin, especially after a day in the sun. I found it to be much more effective than aloe. First I put a few of the pieces in my bath, which turned the water light pink, and next rubbed a piece of the magenta peel on my face which was immensely cooling and had a visibly smoothing effect on my skin. Dragonfruit has become a popular ingredient in skincare with good reason. This is going the fresh and direct route though! Up next I may blend the peel with a couple of other ingredients, including coconut MCT oil, for a homemade balm / salve. In other words, a diy skin care product. I love the fact that there are multiple uses here and no waste! 

Published by sarah ikerd

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