Sequel: Dragonfruit Masque

Blending with MCT Oil + Collagen powder
Ready to refrigerate – recycled a gummy vitamin container to store
Skin looking hydrated & smooth after use

With blending this masque, I’ve successfully used the entire dragonfruit. After reading about so many of its benefits, I felt like I’d purchased a chunk of gold for $3.99 and didn’t want to throw away any of it! I also added coconut MCT oil, collagen powder purchased before I went in a vegan direction, and a little bit of water, then blended in a Ninja mini food processor. Review after use: This very easy to make homemade skincare product has left my skin feeling and looking very smooth. My brow often gets furrow lines because I think a lot! You can see in the photo what kind of hydrating effect the fruit has. MCT is a superfood superhero too though. And so is collagen. It’s quite the lineup. People pay a lot of money at the store for manufactured skincare products with maybe dragonfruit extract, and a long list of chemical or preservative ingredients that may even dry out the skin. This DIY recipe saves the day. And along the way the fruit was delicious and I got a couple of dragonfruit peel baths. I’m currently feeling very nourished & highly recommend. This is the season of sun and dragonfruit peel by itself is also soothing like aloe for sunburned or tanned skin, but even more effective in my opinion, with a more pleasing texture.

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