When food is cute: the Dessert Parfait

Yogurt based dessert

The cuteness of this healthy dessert is entirely due to the fact that it’s presented in a Ball mason jar.

Layers = Honey Greek Yogurt • Raspberries • Peanut Lara Bar • Honey

I kept the ingredient list much simpler this time, yet it was still so rich I couldn’t finish it all! Good problems. Thanks to the mason jar, the leftovers were ready to store.

A lot of dairy free ice creams and yogurts have texturizing agents and other additives that have proven to upset my digestion and cause bloating. So, my alternative is carefully chosen greek style yogurt which is of course high in protein, has beneficial bacteria, and overall a nutritious choice. The ingredients are so tasty I don’t notice that it’s not ice cream or some other dessert. And the high nutrient content makes this yogurt parfait is much more satiating. Consider a pint of ice cream – often we wind up eating a lot of it or the whole thing. The reason: it’s not providing enough vital nutrients and we switch over to mouth eating.

Don’t get me wrong – to each their own when it comes to eating and life! I don’t intend to put down any way of eating. We’re lucky to have so much food. And savoring delicious flavors with one’s senses is enjoyable. The purpose of the yogurt parfait as an alternative dessert is illustrate a way of eating that will make one feel better and more energized in the bigger picture.

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