On The Supplement Shelf: MCT Oil

MCT Oil ~ So many excellent benefits

MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides, which are readily bioavailable fatty acids. MCT is yet another supplement shelf favorite for me this summer.

Here’s what I’ve been using it for:

• Topical skincare / nourishment

• Mouthwash / “oil pulling” from ayurveda

• As a condiment / in cooking

• (Outdoor) tanning oil

The Nutiva MCT Oil picured above I purchased at Whole Foods. When I use it for mouthwash I just use one squirt and have found this to be very effective and certainly gentler than common dental products with quite frankly a lot of unsavory additives more akin to toilet cleaner.

When it comes to skincare, MCT provides a feeling of hydration and smoothness with a glowing sheen. In addition to dragonfruit, I’m amazed at what this super ingredient does for my skin.

~ As for the tanning part, it’s different here in New England than say Florida. Being born in Texas and growing up in the south, I consider the Massachusetts sun pretty mild. I also get gradual exposure as it warms up here since I don’t have a car and so walk a lot. ~

And finally – it’s delicious! Most recently I used MCT on popcorn with herbs and also to make salad dressing.

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