Super Fat

Super snack

When it comes to being satisfied by a snack, fat and protein are superheroes. Not just any fat, though. The best fats are unaltered, in close to their natural state, and not laboratory concocted. I’m not trying to demonize food of any kind. We have so many options – and that’s amazing. When it comes to satiety though, eating close to the earth works best. For example, the snack above contains guara almonds and olive oil as protein and fat sources. The fiber in the popcorn is also filling. And let’s not forget – the herbs & spices are both beneficial and tasty. Overall, a delicious super fatty snack. This is quite different nutritionally from eating say a croissant, which also has high fat content. The snack pictures is also “super” because of the nutrient content and even the texture! Crunchy food supposedly leads to feeling more satiated also. I happen to agree from plenty of experience snacking!

Another plus about this snack – it is a combination of simpler single ingredient foods, instead of a complex amalgam of ingredients processed into one. As I said before, if I’m very hungry you can bet I will be happy with whatever is available but given the choice I try to choose top shelf. After all, if I have a serving of a snack, I don’t want to be still hungry – I want to be full.

There’s another next level to be considered here also, if you want to wrap your mind around it – and that is being hungry for what you *have and being satisfied with what you have in front of you. You can believe something will satisfy you and it will. For example, say all you had in your fridge was a carrot. Well, you *could then enjoy the hell out of that snack because it’s what you have and it’s food. Not only that, it’s nutritious food.

We’ve come to have somewhat demanding, elaborate taste buds; we also have strong powerful minds / consciousness should we choose to exercise those muscles. Just something to keep in mind when it comes to eating, and other somewhat complex and miraculous daily experiences.

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