Dreaming About Specific Foods

~ One way the body communicates ~

Have you ever had any dreams that feature specific foods? I certainly have, and on numerous occasions. Depending on the context, this could be the body suggesting sources of vital nutrients that are needed. I consider that to be the case when I have a dream about a food that I know is very healthy.

For example, I was eating solid vegan for a while, now more like vegetarian and with two appearances of beef and I’ll tell you why. (Overall I have cut back a lot on consumption of animal products.) I had a vivid dream in which there was a chef cooking strips of beef in a pan with the herb sage. So, the following night I ordered a sirloin that came from an area farm through the restaurant Earl’s Kitchen in Assembly Square. ~ If you can believe this – in a different earlier dream a guy introduced himself to me as Earl and said I didn’t need to remember his name! Of course I did because he said that. ~ And the actual meal was of course delicious. I felt nourished and energized in a way that I hadn’t in a while. As for the sage, I got some from the grocery store and have been including it in different meals. I take such specific suggestions from my dreams to heart. I mean it’s always a pleasure to eat anyhow and listening well to my body has been over the past few years extremely beneficial. Our Bodies are extraordinarily complex and there is a history within, so I trust that. Given a food dream which is fairly straightforward, I’m happy to oblige!

Here’s a funny feature from another somewhat recent dream I had: I encountered a lizard trying to encourage me to eat more fruit rather than vegetables. Specifically, it wanted me to eat star fruit. I need to search Whole Foods for that one! That suggestion may be because of vitamin C or maybe even the structure of the fruit. At any given moment there may be processes of healing or restructuring that need to occur and certain substances can aid that.

It’s really interesting the information and insight that can be derived from dreams. If anything sticks out to me I’ll write it down. Sometimes dreams are a way of cleansing and purging too, like emptying the trash bin on your computer.

**It should be noted** that including meditation or having meditative / restful interludes during the day leads to more coherent dreaming, and writing down prominent objects or symbols upon waking helps too. Perhaps you all have noticed this uptick in dream messages during quarantine because life has been less busy.

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