Try A Different Route

* A small change can make a big difference *

Today’s post is inspired by a client issue. And that is how to overcome a training blockage or plateau, in this case with running pace.

I am always happy to help clients by text or conversation in order to solve training or life puzzles, which are interconnected.

The simplest way to get past a blockage is to introduce a variation or change that is related to the task.

With her, I suggested that since she always runs the same route that she tried running different routes in different ways, because always going the same way can eventually lead to stagnancy.

There are other factors involved too, but that seemed the most obvious one. If something sticks out as obvious that’s parameter to check first.

In any situation there are numerous factors to consider. Even as I compose this I’m thinking how can I apply this to my own life and situations that I’m trying to make better or modify.

Asking logic based questions definitely opens the door to more information, when it comes to counseling clients and counseling oneself.

I am definitely inspired by what I have read by Sir John Whitmore and the programming of Performance Consultants International.

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