These Legs Were Made For Walkin’

~ fresh kicks ~

One of the most transformative lifestyle changes I have made is to stop driving and rely on either my legs or public transportation to get around. My body is my Maserati!

You may think saying something like that sounds full of oneself but 1) I’m in fantastic shape because of choices I’ve made & 2) I have more reverence for my body than for a type of car, even though they are amazing & 3) what’s wrong with being full of one’s self Without harming others. Oneself is what we have been gifted with in life And the vehicle through which we can experience joy, and so be kinder and more spirited and generous in relation to others.

It’s tough to argue the fact that not having a car is *definitely* more environmentally friendly. And when I stopped driving I experienced a body transformation simply from moving more.

Now, I’m not going argue for everyone to stop driving. That’s a personal choice depending on lifestyle. I’m just saying — there is an undeniable metabolic uptick from using your body more to get around rather than a car. In any case, more walking helps a lot.

What gets me in the mood to be out and about walking around or using the train is a fly pair of kicks. I’m not even kidding. They’ve got to be comfortable, and the styles out now are many and varied, and quite cool.

The not so subtle pair above is produced by Michael Kors, more or less a replacement for the over the top purple Rihanna Pumas that I had before. It feels great to walk around in them.

I do recognize having a car is more conducive to city life. It’s easy in Boston to get to places within a wide radius using the train. For this I’m very thankful.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but being more of a pedestrian is better for one’s health. Inevitably, this makes ordinary errands a lot more physical and this is one reason why I don’t do weighted carries at my studio! Because that’s part of my life. For example, when I get groceries.

That’s not to say that I won’t ever make use of cars or getting rides, but the vast majority of my movement is walking. As a result, my legs stay muscular even when I’m not lifting weights a lot. It also helps my mood to be outside in the fresh air for extended periods of time.

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