Food Glorious Food

Giant Heirloom tomato from Lancaster Farm
Pesto pasta w/ Heirloom tomato, watercress, spinach, fresh mozzarella

Summer is the perfect time to dive into fresh food, especially if it’s grown locally or regionally. That’s what I like about the Whole Foods here in Charlestown, Mass. They sell a lot of local produce and products.

The perfect wholesome meal comes together easily when you have an array of spectacular ingredients before you. When I have this many choices I get lost in it! Try though I may to be prepared with a list, sometimes I just wing and see what I find.

Did I mention I love food? And, provided I’m getting enough sleep for energy also, I really enjoy putting together a special meal. No particular occasion necessary. Make the plate beautiful with some undeniably nutritious ingredients, and there’s a high probability of full on enjoyment.

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