Accessory Moves for Olympic Lifters

Sampler 1




I have been inspired by a couple of different camps lately, including Chinese weightlifters and conjugate style powerlifters. The thread of similarity between the two is that both believe in maximizing productivity and the overall conditioning of the body through using intense related accessory work, so as to still accomplish continuous strength gains with the ideal of minimizing fatigue and injury.

Of course with high level weight training there is an element of risk! The issue of maximizing time, efficiency and safety however applies to everyone at all levels.

I’m of the opinion that it really pays off to not just learn from others or from reading and copy it, but to really synthesize the information into one’s own particular situations and needs, and thereby employ creativity. A lot of what I read and learn gets adapted.

With conjugate style powerlifters and Chinese Olympic weightlifters there’s an amazing display on both fronts, the best in the world. So, my point of view is: What are those people doing? And the answer is basically going hard with plenty of variety.

Both camps I see incorporating moves that I don’t see anyone else doing in their respective disciplines. They have more related and relevant variety so the training is always engaging.

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