Friendly Latenight Dessert

Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt + Cherry Preserves + Peanut Butter

First of all, I’ve had my fair share of ice cream and gelato, and I still eat it. But the digestive consequences definitely give me pause when I reach for the container nowadays because a bit physically awful after eating it now. **This has nothing to do with food guilt! It has to do with me liking to eat dessert at night and then go to bed without discomfort.**

I actually consider food guilt to be a sort of a blasphemy. If one was brainwashed with food guilt growing up, as I was and many others, you get rid of that by realizing it’s complete marketing-induced nonsense.

I should also point out that whenever I give food suggestions I am not saying never ever eat such and such. People should be happy and do what they want. But if someone asks me for advice or is looking for improvement in their intake or get specific results from that, then this advice is very useful. The best way to improve one’s intake is to eat the highest nutrient content that you can reasonably manage. Keeping it delicious is not difficult.

The dessert pictured above agrees with me much better because there are more vitamins and minerals present, more protein, and healthier fat in the form of both the yogurt and the peanut butter.

When it comes to sugar, I’m not a purist. I will pay attention to ingredients and what form that sugar is taking, but I am definitely not afraid of it either. I’ve got weights to lift and I need the energy. That’s just how it is with my walk of life!

However, for anybody there is definitely a time to stop eating, and there is definitely such a thing as overdoing it on the regular and jamming up your digestive system with excess. This has nothing to do with morality! It has to do with the plumbing. It has to do with logic and a bit of respect for your biology.

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