Olympic Lifting Programming Notes, Week 2

As part of week two in the first training cycle, I am incorporating deficit work which is influenced by Chinese weightlifting I’ve been watching and reading about. And as I have also mentioned before, the Safety or Yoke bar squat variation is influenced by the conjugate training of Westside barbell.

The deficit work is supposed to enhance leg drive and certainly makes one stay in one spot, as supposed to jumping forward or backward, upon the reset of the feet in the Olympic lifts.

The safety bar seems great to employ because the design of the bar gives the shoulders a break while working on strength. In much Olympic lifting programming a lot of taxing shoulder work is often done either in the same workout or back to back days. So this introduces variance to the programming in a way that makes a lot of sense. Every year there’s new insight and new information to access. The world of weightlifting, like other sectors, is in motion, evolving.

I am willing to be reasonably adventurous and experimental. I trust what I am seeing from incredibly successful lifters who have employed some of these methods. To make sure things stay on course, there’s the tracking. Make the numbers on the main lifts go up, ideally without fatiguing or getting hurt, hitting the marks along the way. Other potent ingredients: Belief, Logic, excitement, structure that is building towards a fun goal.

These are strange times, but I am counting on local USA Weightlifting competitions happening in person in the spring. Even if for some reason they don’t happen, my clients and I are still working towards a specific goal, and thus we make accelerated progress. I say accelerated because being on a targeted strength program, especially one geared towards competition, always works better/faster than lifting here and there or having loosely defined objectives. One can of course apply this statement to whatever goal.

During these phases of pandemic, I have had a lot of free range time, definitely not lifting in programmatic fashion. Now that I’m back to it, it feels that much better by contrast! The reading and inevitable pondering I did during the time away is coalescing into this new cycle. That’s how I am looking at it instead of being frustrated about any strength setback, because that study is informing my programming decisions now. Any lost territory I believe can be quickly recovered with an interesting and purposeful program.

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