Personal Log / Training Notes

Week 2 Day 3

Today focused on movements related to the Clean & Jerk, most notably the Jerk Recovery, which is set high up on the squat rack. This means starting at the lowest point in the split. What’s beneficial about this is that you have to get exactly centered, tense and balanced. Working on these components of the Olympic lifts leads to a stronger, tighter overall movement when you put everything back together.

Another feature of today was the front rack Sots press performed from the lowest point of a front squat, which still feels quite difficult, especially because I increased the weight! A movement like this requires the great buzzword, mobility – it’s true, plus staying at attention in the abs and back. With any of these movements one can start with a sense of adventure, a PVC pipe and resistance band, and then later progress to the bar.

Also noteworthy, the deficit pause work, exaggerating parts of the lift and making it (more) awkward. Sounds fun, right? I happen to think so! It does pay off because of the contrast effect – when you come back to the regular version of the lift.

My current goal, along with one of my other clients so far, is to compete in the spring. We are both in the Masters category and I must say performing well. Age does not have to be a limiting factor, not like it used to be. One can work smarter with more focus, less distraction. I have seen evidence of this in plenty of other people. Plus, our beliefs, consciousness and our biotech are constantly evolving.

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