Olympic Lifting Client Report

Snatch Pull from High Hang

I work with people on a lot of different goals, and it’s no secret at all that Olympic weightlifting is my favorite stuff! It’s definitely a game-changing, body transformative and life-changing skill set to acquire.

Client Jonathan is shown here above demonstrating the snatch pull from high hang position at upper thighs. I had him do 3 consecutive reps without releasing the bar. This is to train close bar proximity and position, and also powerful use of that leverage from high on the quads to be automatic.

Jonathan is a masters lifter. He’s a former Marine, very active business owner and coming in to Olympic lifting, had a solid foundation in the big three powerlifts: Squat, Bench, Deadlift, based on self-study of Mark Rippetoe’s materials. When it comes to Olympic lifting, it helps to be highly motivated. The sport tends to appeal the most to people with highly active backgrounds or athletic aspirations. The latter is how I started. At times I’ve had clients who have been training for a while transition over to Olympic lifting. It depends on the person’s starting level!

I always operate under the assumption that they can be great with great coaching. I am not afraid to put extra time into honing someone’s technique. I think it’s a limited mindset nowadays to just look for prodigies. Just take a person who’s dedicated, with that desire or tenacity, and make them strong and fast. After all, if you expose a person to what they’ve never been exposed to before, you’re tapping into untapped genetics! Exciting stuff.

If someone has confidence issues, anxiety issues, technical issues, specific mechanical issues in the body that need to be addressed, it’s my job to help with that, to help solve the puzzles to try and unlock peak performance for that person. This involves a crucial branch of fitness for athletes and potential athletes: Exercise Psychology.

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