Training Notes / Masters Lifting

Snatch Heaves from the Rack

The above Olympic lifting exercise, the Snatch Heave, I did today as part of day four of the third training week. This time I am keeping better track of everything, and so that includes posting these training notes.

The Snatch Heave cues the body to come directly to the receiving position strong and without hesitation. One can also focus more closely on staying firm in the torso and stabile overall in that receiving position.

There are many component movements that help with both Olympic Lifts.

Due to the rapid fire nature of many of these, I am starting to incorporate more stretching / bodyweight / mobility work. I have a special focus on the hips at the moment. Perhaps you can tell there’s resistance in the video when it comes my Reaching the lowest point of my overhead squat immediately. There’s a bit of hitching.

Although I’m able to overcome this with enough warming up, I made this week’s Day 3 a mobility focus, to begin addressing specific limiting factors to ideally improve the amount of lead-in I need to do before getting to my work sets.

Age is indeed a state of mind yet it’s true – there’s no doubt that the body is different developmentally different after being through a few or several decades of life. One does have to be more deliberate in self care. It depends on how determined you are.

I would say one big thing hindering people in my age group or older from pursuing athleticism is probably the mindset of “what’s the point?”

To this I would say: Don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed by outdated counterproductive cultural programming. I’ve said it before – yes, people should do what they want. But it should be known that if desired, a great deal of athleticism can be achieved at different ages with strategy and intelligence.

Some athletes are more successful when they’re older, when a lot of their distractions and angst have been tempered. For me personally it did not occur to me I could be an Olympic weightlifter until I was around 30 years old.

As one matures this is an opportunity to work smart and set a positive example, of not listening to the limiting beliefs around us, choosing the best ones, choosing one’s own beliefs to define one’s life and living how one wants to live.

As I continue to pursue my training inevitably I learn more about the body because I have to address different needs as I go along. My performance does continue to improve as long as I push the adaptation in a safe and smart way.

Energy economy is especially important with Olympic lifting, and as it concerns masters lifters. The serious pursuit of weightlifting may necessitate a good bit of lifestyle change.

If you are interested in pursuing a training program I am available at Boston Sports Club Wellington, privately in Somerville or online/virtually.

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