Cooking On Canal

Fanciful simplicity


angel hair pasta, butternut squash sauce, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, spinach, baby bella mushrooms, kumato tomato, spicy kaas cheese

Thanks to Trader Joe’s it’s easy for me to pick up delicious and interesting ingredients on my way home. I’m not much of a meal prep person unless it’s work lunches. As George Costanza said about clothing, I cook and eat from day to day according to mood! And I’ll make a point to try new ingredients here and there.

Because my way of simple preparation is ingredients based, I often include raw ingredients, which is of course very nutritious. So in that way less effort can be advantageous!

Superfood dessert

As for dessert, which is admittedly quite wholesome this time around, here are the ingredients:

vanilla yogurt, banana, maple syrup, blueberries, ashwaganda, cacao

I consider the preparation of a nice meal for oneself to be in the category of self-care and relaxation, so I make a little ritual out of it so that the plate looks nice and I sit down with only the food and I am only doing that – eating – and concentrating on that because after all, it’s tasty.

I think mindless eating comes into play when there is some form of television or other distraction happening that takes away from the eating and tasting experience.

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