Training / Programming Notes: Client Progress

A morale-boosting linear increase

As trainers and coaches know, adjusting form and having a second pair of eyes on things in real time can make a dramatic difference for a client. In this case above, the client’s progress is especially impressive given the current pandemic circumstances. Some people are hungrier because of that and the outlet that lifting provides.

This coming Monday we’re ready to test and push maxes. It makes sense to do so given that he’s moving well and progressing without overdoing. The programming I wrote him is influenced by the conjugate style. At first glance it looks like a lot of work, but there’s enough variance to prevent total fatigue. Taking deliberate rest days and having deep sleep are also key in preventing that.

It’s interesting filling in the blanks for a lifting client who is becoming advanced with no plans to be competitive. The goal then is to get as strong as possible, and most enough aesthetics are a large part of the mix. What really changes a person in all this though is the feelings of change in strength and athleticism.

Traffic is definitely slower at the gym these days, but I am happy to see my clients there making great progress on their lifts!

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