Product Review = C4 Superbrain + Rando Tip of the Day

~ I love C4 Superbrain & I cannot lie ~

Looking to stretch out the value on those energy drinks? You may not be but hey if you love the more top shelf ones like I do, just add sparkling water. Oftentimes half is more than enough potency or maybe it’s time to dial it back! Either way, that’s a delicious hack.

I love C4 Superbrain because of the Cognizin and InnovaTea which are, as far as I know, specific to C4. There’s no jitters for me, and it does indeed make my mind super sharp and in the zone for some seriously fun tasking. If you’re hypersensitive to caffeine it’s not recommended, or perhaps dilute it a lot as I mentioned before.

One of the taglines is “Unleash Your Inner Einstein.” This is no joke I’m finding – this is helping me to focus and execute all the ideas swirling in my head. And that’s a definite 10/10.

It should also be noted that drinking beverages like this is best accompanied by physical activity as well !

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