How To Start A Business – Step 1: Idea Mode

Each of us is powerfully creative


The very first phase of starting a business is idea generation, brainstorming. It’s free!

Take into account “what turns you on,” what excites you to move further.

During this idea mode, allow your mind to move unrestricted like an inquisitive child, knowing that whatever captures your imagination, you can figure it out.

We live on a planet of great resources and the unlimited resource of our mind. It can be overwhelming how much power we actually have at any given point to build and effect change. Sometimes we can cause great change in merely how we look at something. It’s pretty amazing. I am constantly amazed by this.

So take heart, circumstances are malleable. I’m not saying we can control external circumstances, but we definitely influence them.

That said, give your ideas wings by visualizing and writing. Make it fun!

What if I wanted to build a spaceship? Guess what – If I were to take it step by step from the very bare bones minerals-of-the-earth basics, I could figure it out. There’s generations of knowledge behind that and other topics as well as existing resources.

That brings me to another important quality of idea mode: Self Belief, and faith in oneself as a creator. We have all created things before and will do so many more times.

The extra power behind business ideas come from: Determination, Focus, Joy, Excitement, Intellectual and Emotional Stimulation, and the Willingness to perhaps depart from the status quo and in certain cases tune out the expectations and discouragements of others.

It’s true the saying that it doesn’t make much sense to ask for guidance from someone who’s never been when you’re going or who has no interest in your idea. So be discerning about who weighs in on your process and how much.

With every generation there is *new knowledge* and methods. Ultimately, the decision is yours and whoever you may be collaborating with.

Respect your own reasoning ability, your logic and intuition. Those qualities work together. Be open to what opportunities that present themselves. Not everything has to be difficult.

In upcoming steps we will explore just how easy it is to establish a business and the productive mindset behind that.


Again, that’s free. Get out the notebook and design your business. See it in your mind. Does it suit you? Are you willing to grow with it and acquire whatever skills to fill in the gaps? If so, proceed.

A vision can exist regardless of physical location.

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