On The Supplement Shelf: CBD & Horsetail

Nature’s Answer, Papa & Barkley

Recently I’ve benefited from these supplements: Topical CBD oil with 400 mg in the bottle, and liquid horsetail extract.

The CBD oil pictured has been fantastic – it also contains coconut MCT oil and an essential oil blend that smells wonderful.

I have found that CBD oil, applied topically, to be very effective for pain relief in both muscles and joints. It’s amazing. For me, it works. The other night, in conjunction with vibrating massage, I used it on my hip flexor area and the pain I was experiencing went away within minutes. I’ve had the same rapid results using it on my lower back and knees also.

I’ll use the CBD oil along side some form of massage whether using the roller or the vibrating massager and I will make sure to stay well hydrated. It’s more effective to use CBD oil to address a problem directly when it occurs rather than preventatively or casually, which is another great thing about it, so that the effect is more pronounced. In my case the most recent effect was a “Wow!”

The horsetail extract is great because I don’t take capsules. The casing of capsules bothers my digestion. It just doesn’t feel nice going down either! So, if liquid extract is readily available, and it often is, I’ll go for it. It’s much more readily absorbent!

Horsetail extract is for hair, skin and nails. I’ve definitely noticed that my hair and nails have grown faster, and seem to be stronger. A longer period of time will be needed to evaluate its effectiveness. However, in the meantime, it actually tastes good in water, especially lemon water. It makes the water taste like iced tea!

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