Starting A Business Step 2: How To Proceed With Little To No Funding

Finding joy in the creative process

To embark on opening your own business you need a sense of adventure and the spirit of a survivalist. Fortunately nowadays it is easier than ever to gather resources without spending financial currency. The only currency you need is your energy and the enthusiasm and potency of your visions.

Depending on what type of business you want to create, there are many logistical and even legal steps that you can take without spending a dime.

For example, obtaining a business EIN number from the IRS is free of charge. Also, document notarization is free at whatever bank you hold an account with.

If you’re creating a purely online business, the possibilities to get started for free or for very little cost are endless. Isn’t that amazing? There are so many platforms where are you can host the different aspects of your business.

Things have come a long way. I remember the days when creating a website was an agonizing process. Now, for a small fee, you can access so many different pleasing looking templates for a company website.

So if the business is all or mostly online you can get started right away. It’s also easy to get paid, with the proliferation of online payment systems. Venmo, for example.

For a business that provides physical services, a website, social media and other presence or outreach can be tremendously useful and these days sort of necessary to *buzzword* leverage the success of the business.

In fact you can use important descriptive keywords in conjunction with the branches of you online presence to nearly or completely take the place of advertising.

It’s best to think of all this as a giant creative project so that you can enjoy the pieces and process of it. A business owner gets to craft the ethos, the image and aesthetic, and of course the purpose and physical execution of the products or services.

You can deal with tangibles, intangibles and of course both. If you do a lot of it yourself, you save money. You can get a lot out of being willing to figure things out, tossing the limiting beliefs.

To get a business started completely free one way is to simply create and connect social media accounts. You can also get as I mentioned before a DBA or “doing business as” name for free.

Along the way, depending on how formal you want to get, you will have to pay some out of pocket. For example, if you want to get a business certificate in whatever city where you’re located, there is a small fee associated with that.

However, for the small start-up costs, when it comes to organization and paperwork (or online work), there’s big benefit to be gathered in momentum and of course value.

The benefits for engaging in independent enterprise are definitely there, depending on what type of business that you want to create. The rewards branch out in all directions, including of course a sense of empowerment and fulfillment. Financially, opportunities are definitely there for loans and grants. The more fleshed out your ideas and plans – even just in the short term – the more likely it is you’ll be able to secure funding.

On branching out — the more outreach and networking of any kind that you do the better. What’s golden is if you make it fun, which blurs the line between life and work — because ideally you can be doing something that you really enjoy like the man Steve Jobs said, right? And even when a task feels difficult it’s part of a greater whole.

The entrepreneurial, business ownership path is not for everyone, and what I mean when I say that is that everyone gets dealt a different hand, and some people find great satisfaction in one thing whereas others find great satisfaction in other areas. Obviously, this series of articles is for anyone interested in striking out on their own in developing their ideas and creative potential in the business format.

It can be truly exciting as one goes along to ponder, visualize and map out the possibilities for one’s company and its culture, and how the company culture interacts with the community culture.

To me 2021 is looking socially responsible, innovative, and an intelligent chapter that is opening up in conscious capitalism, that is more participatory and beneficial for all involved.

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