Exercise, Self Care & Meditation Are The New Normal

At Burlington

One of many interesting results of the pandemic— The normalization of exercise equipment & interest in it!

Once the province of gym buffs only, now everyone wants to grab a heavy gauge fabric resistance band. Times have been tough, but I find some levity in this fact, that everywhere I go now there’s some sort of exercise equipment in stock.

Self Care in general has become a new normal concept, as well as even Meditation. Having so much upheaval and contemplative time at home has caused a shifting of values to, in my opinion, what will level out to a healthier way of life.

When one understands self maintenance, self reliance and self care, one becomes more empowered in life. That is not to say there aren’t tragedies happening or situations in which people have to pull together on and help each other with — that’s not what I’m referring to. I mean the everyday self care of body / mind / spirit, which in turn can build up one’s ability to deal with hardship.

Exercise toughens, makes more flexible, and enlightens the body, while regular meditation does that for the mind. On that note, where’s my meditation cushion?

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