Personal Olympic Weightlifting Log: Tracking The Bigger Picture

Walking home from the gym to stretch out my legs & low back

I was feeling sort of weak yesterday, or so I thought — when I looked back at my previous numbers in this new training cycle though, I found that in fact my numbers from yesterday were higher than before on all the lifts I did.

Yesterday was squat clean with no jerk, back squat and clean grip overhead press from rack position.

This is a great illustration of the fact that when training it helps to keep an eye on the bigger picture that is occurring. Both tracking and making *programming notes* about how you feel can really put things in perspective.

It took me a bit to get warmed up yesterday but once I started comparing the numbers in real time that definitely encouraged me & I began lifting with more enthusiasm. So, the information and shift of perspective changed my mood a bit and that in turn improved my performance!

I am approaching this cycle of getting ready for the next meet in a linear *state of mind* — I want to see my lift numbers reach a certain point by the end of the first month. Whatever fluctuations I see along the way are okay because I will need to recover at times. The overall objective is to stay on course for reaching the qualifying numbers for certain competitions.

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