Personal Olympic Weightlifting Log: Coming Off Deload Week

Working on strength

I’m looking forward to getting back to some serious workload next week. I definitely say that with happiness. However, I do completely realize the importance of backing off and respecting one’s physiology during a deload week or recovery period.

This past week was definitely that, coming off two weeks of work pushing some numbers. I’ve given up looking behind me at what I was doing before quarantine and I am looking solely ahead at this point. In order to hit qualifying numbers I want I have some (smart) work to do. Fortunately, it’s work that I’m quite willing to do.

It’s a dance — of making the strength progress without doing too much. For this past deload week I let my body guide things. I did a fair amount of yoga and some cardio alongside lighter and more minimal lifting, as well as even a CrossFit class. That was hilarious — I hadn’t done one in a while and one of the exercises on the WOD was a rope climb! I made a valiant effort, although I got gassed pretty quickly. Bit of thigh chafing there.

That may sound like a lot but I made sure not to push myself too hard on length of time and intensity. After all, I want my energy to be on point for the main event, which is the Olympic lifting. I also got plenty of sleep and so tomorrow should be a good Monday Funday at the gym.

Each person is on a different track with lifting — I would call my own masters weightlifting plan to be somewhat moderate. I have competition goals as a weightlifter, yet it’s also important to me to keep myself in great health for life in general. I’ve been injured before and it’s the absolute worst. I’ve also had complete nervous system fatigue before and that was just as rough. Rough as it was though, I learned a lot.

These days I try to work more efficiently and respect my physical self, the signals I receive and overall energy level. With planned and expected easy weeks I expect to achieve more across the season and have more fun doing the hard stuff.

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