Advice Column: Lifters, Take Care Of Your Feet!

At the beach spa

Lifters and athletes especially – but anyone — take care of your feet! They’re the workhorse heroes of the body that are often unsung.

For an Olympic lifter the muscles of the feet are especially busy, launching up and then impacting down. Nobody told me when I first started out the importance of foot care, mostly because it wasn’t yet en vogue to talk about.

I’ve found that foot health is crucial to my personal lifting. And that’s making sure the muscles don’t get too tight, like the rest of the body.

Yesterday, my feet told me to go the beach for a therapeutic walk on the sand! It was the best. The sand and sea are at the top of my list of ways to recover your feet. Here’s the full list:

* Walking in the sand & sea water

* CBD Oil massage / Reflexology massage

* Jacuzzi / hot tub

* Vibration massage, such as a small platform or Theragun

* Barefoot yoga or just spending time barefoot

* Legs ups the wall / inversion

* And of course SLEEP, which is the best recovery tool

Lastly I should point out that it’s very important for Olympic lifters to select comfortable footwear, especially when it comes to the fit of your lifting shoes. If you keep your feet and ankles happy, that’s a tremendous advantage – you’re less likely to see problems in the whole chain of joints and muscles.

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