Boston Walkabout: History, Details & Design in the Financial District

From 100 Federal Street, also known as the Bank of America building *and site of the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, to the oddly situated Birthplace of Franklin, it’s easy to get lost in the interesting architectural details. Alongside large contemporary glass skyscrapers, there’s a lot Art Deco and Beaux Arts, as well as Greek and Gothic Revival.

Lately I’ve focused on Milk Street, Post Office Square and Federal Street, yet haven’t even made a dent in capturing the layers of history and features. It’s great just to be outside with more places opening back up! The weather’s only going to better for continued photo expeditions too.

The most striking re-discovery of this outing was paying attention to the Milk Street Station Entrance Gate. By Paley Studios of Rochester, NY, it was commissioned by the MBTA in 1987. It’s a truly beautiful sculpture tucked next to what is today the State Street station entrance. At the moment the locked gate leads to a dead end!

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