Hypothesis: Genetic Defects Caused By Endogenous Retroviruses

Pepper mild mottle virus

This hypothesis is derived from speculative comparisons to human biology while reading the Raven textbook “Biology Of Plants” alongside online research.

There are types of retrovirus known to affect both plants and humans, and one example is the Pepper mild mottle virus.

In plants, this virus causes genetic deformities like dwarfism and mottling.

What I wonder is if endogenous retroviruses get passed on during the human reproductive process. Endogenous means coming from within. And retroviruses cleverly replicate themselves using RNA to make DNA.

Fortunately there’s a lot of genetic research and development going on, including the activities of Moderna here in Boston, with focus on messenger RNA.

In my web searches so far I didn’t find any articles directly connecting conditions such as human dwarfism to retroviruses. This could be a worthwhile avenue for investigation. What I read is simply that physical malformations are symptoms of genetic mutations, but not why.

“PMMV” is the example I’m using here because it fits the profile of something that could potentially cause problems, under the radar. Once again, this is just a hypothesis.

The host, or parents, may be carriers that have immunity, but during reproduction the retrovirus may also have the opportunity to reproduce.

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