New Book – Out Today: City Of Angels, A Photographic Tribute To Los Angeles Vol. 1

+ Volume 2 hot on its heels ✔️

Here’s the order link:

This long voyage to Los Angeles I took primarily focused on the coastal areas but I did go downtown and central some, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

What took me by surprise is the vastness of the metro and I underestimated the time it would take to get from place to place. It’s a fascinating city, however the public transportation was definitely lacking. I hear they’re getting a Virgin Hyperloop though.

This first volume and the upcoming second one capture the colorful vibrant spirit of the coastal area as well as its stark contrasts and quirky details, including a lot of public art.

The two LA volumes are around 160-180 pages each, yet only scratch the surface of the sights the City Of Angels has to offer. There’s many beautiful shots here, and I look forward to returning for more exploration.

Some specifics about the first book: It’s 8.5 x 11” with a glossy cover. It’s all about the large imagery and is supposed to be an aesthetically pleasing and interesting coffee table book.

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