Boston Walkabout: North Point Park & “The New Seaport”

North Point Park, partly in Boston’s West End and also East Cambridge and the Inner Belt, has become a beautiful spot to stroll and hang out. It was clear when I went a couple weeks ago people were appreciating it even more post-pandemic.

Along the Charles River, the park features plenty of flowers and trees, bridges, and interesting levels and turns to take. There’s a larger metalized steel bridge, the North Bank Pedestrian Bridge, and the resembles a DNA helix. That’s fitting given the close proximity to Kendall and the city’s strong medical and biotech presence.

Another very popular feature is the wheel-shaped Lynch Family Skatepark, large and broad enough to accommodate not only skateboarders but all kinds of wheels. It’s also fun as a spectator. The Skatepark is operated by Cambridge Parks & Rec.

Connected with North Point Park is the new and ongoing Inner Belt development, which like the Seaport and Assembly Row area in Somerville, was an unsightly industrial wasteland area beforehand. The Inner Belt District, “The New Seaport,” is likewise ultra modern and in my opinion beautiful. I really appeciate the ongoing cultivation and development of green spaces. Hopefully more trees will go in.

There are many interesting features of the Inner Belt that I could see on my walkabout, including garden path type connection of a high rise apartment building with the Charlestown Ave pedestrian passage. The entire area is very pedestrian friendly.

I read that the alternative some years back was a superhighway and I’m so glad that didn’t come to pass. What’s there and going in now is so much more useful and enjoyable, definitely more attractive, and far more environmentally friendly. These are the areas that increase the value and desirability of a city.

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