Work-At-Home Vegan Breakfast / Brunch Plate

All ingredients from Trader Joe’s

I was stumped for a bit about vegan breakfast — this mode of eating has in turn made me get creative in the kitchen!

Here’s what is on the plate:

Meatless Sausage

Cauliflower Broccoli Patties

Hashbrowns seasoned with Ajika (love that blend)

Salad — chopped spinach, cilantro, crushed blackberries + dressing made of lime juice, flax oil, salt

This is coming from someone who struggled to make the switch to a vegan diet before making it over the hump: This brunch plate is conpletely delicious. I was surprised by how satisfying it was. After purchasing the cauliflower broccoli cakes in particular I thought, “Uh-oh, these might be gross.” Not so! Those were great too.

I should credit Trader Joe’s with having a very vegan and vegetarian friendly selection. And hopefully as I post about my vegan cooking that some of you will find this helpful and get some ideas.

My primary reason for going vegan is I’m against factory farming and all its horrible practices. My secondary reason is improving overall digestion. Eating raw vegan as much as possible has been linked to longevity and high quality of life & health.

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