New Art: Undulations 1•2•3

Prints & canvas prints available direct

Check out this Saatchi Art artwork by Sarah Ikerd called “Undulations 1 • 2 • 3 – Limited Edition of 1”

This latest piece is assembled from multiple shots of a light pole wrapped in electrical tape. The title refers to the waveforms Created simply by rotating the image along an axis to make something else. I really enjoy what’s become of this sort of art deco style of conceptual photography, making other shapes and ideas from what’s already an intriguing individual shot or shots. It’s all about perspective and imagination!

See also the Art page for more sales links. It should be noted though that when one produces art it’s not just for sales: this is something humans have been doing since the beginning of self-awareness! It’s also for fun and understanding. Of course I hope it sells or is valued but that’s not the root cause of production. I feel like there’s a pretty big life statement nestled in there… Follow the joy!

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@sarah.ikerd / owner

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