Personal Log: Moments With Nature

Somerville Bike Path

Today’s breaking news — I got to feed a baby bird that fell out of the nest. It was in the middle of the busy Somerville Bike Path chirping and held its ground. Some people told me perhaps don’t touch it or interfere, but I didn’t want it to get run over. Makes sense right? Let nature take it’s course doesn’t *exactly apply when there are oblivious humans running and rolling all over the place I decided. Not that I don’t feel useful but this was the most useful I’ve felt in a while. Nobody else would pick up the bird. (Someone said something about Salmonella – but come on humans are way more dangerous than birds!) So it was clearly my designated task for the day to help out. The little bird let me carry it off to the side of the path in my hands and feed it. I found it was mainly thirsty (and probably also hungry). I fed it a few capfulls of water with my fingers which it eagerly drank, and then left it alongside the path amongst the trees. It stayed put as I walked away and hopefully it was still in the nesting ground or found a worm!

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