Deluxe Summer Fruit Bowl



Peach Halves + Juice from jar or can



For water content, vitamins & minerals, fruit is great recovery food in between workouts or after time out in the sun.

To avoid mindless or binge-eating keep vitamin and mineral (whole food) content high, drink plenty of water, stay active, minimize or eliminate alcohol.

Binge or mindless eating is often caused by vitamin or mineral deficiency, and if binging on food without much relative nutritional value, you’re more likely to just keep eating as the body searches for whatever need. Like, “Hey! Where’s the magnesium?” (Find it in the dark greens for one, or in cacao!)

At times it could just be a matter of drinking more water — a large percentage of us is water & it helps us run smoothly. Adding a slice of citrus makes drinking water even more healthful and interesting, or adding a splash of grapefruit juice. The bitterness of grapefruit has been known to curb mindless eating.

Getting back in gear with overall health is a hot topic right now. To find out about training on-location with me at Assembly Row, Somerville, MA + having a customized program, contact me here: 857-301-1713 or

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