New Art: “Tree Of Life”

Order direct & customizable: Also available on Saatchi Art Unlike some of the more complex deco pieces of mine, this one has a simpler layout to preserve the tree of life metal work on the Church of the Advent door on Brimmer St. in Beacon Hill, Boston, MA. In my recent conceptual photography,Continue reading “New Art: “Tree Of Life””

New Art: Undulations 1•2•3 Check out this Saatchi Art artwork by Sarah Ikerd called “Undulations 1 • 2 • 3 – Limited Edition of 1” This latest piece is assembled from multiple shots of a light pole wrapped in electrical tape. The title refers to the waveforms Created simply by rotating the image along an axis toContinue reading “New Art: Undulations 1•2•3”

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: Artemis Amenti “Album Zero” Out Today On Spotify [OCTAVES]

Although this is pre-pandemic material, the songs subjects and overall feel are quite relevant. Am happy to present this as part of OCTAVES music, another facet of Shangri-La Studio artistic endeavors. Categorizations: Electronica, electronic music, downtempo, triphop, ambient, psychedelic, alternative, pop, rock, industrial

Upcoming Music Release: Artemis Amenti – Album Zero (songs from 2018-2019) OCTAVES

Pre-save “Album Zero” on Spotify: Newly mastered material from 2018-2019 that pre-dates The Lockdown Album. Zero is a digit in coding. Zero or theta can also refer to divinity and/or the unified field. Zero as nothing is a paradox. Back to zero can also mean starting over or wiping the slate clean. In this caseContinue reading “Upcoming Music Release: Artemis Amenti – Album Zero (songs from 2018-2019) OCTAVES”

City Of Angels: A Photographic Tribute To Los Angeles Vol. 2

Next up from Studio Shangri-La Publications is the second volume of City of Angels, dedicated to the piñata explosion that is Los Angeles. It’s a huge metro area with lots of sights and sounds, peculiarities, vibrant colors and art, humor, and of course the beautiful beaches. You won’t find the scene glossed over here thoughContinue reading “City Of Angels: A Photographic Tribute To Los Angeles Vol. 2”

New Art: Decision Tree

Original & prints available direct, Saatchi Art, Turning Art The Decision Tree is an evolutionary, organizational and algorithmic concept. An example is the evolutionary divergence of monkeys away from lemurs and then humans away from monkeys. A new species emerges by making different or new decisions.

New Art: Mystic Temple

Prints & original (purchase or rent) available on Turning Art for businesses Prints or original available on Saatchi Art for individuals To order custom prints direct, e-mail: This brightly colored new piece is based on the photo I took at night of the Mystic River in Somerville. The colors of the boat and trafficContinue reading “New Art: Mystic Temple”