Photo Tour: Boston College Club @ 100 Federal

“Experience rich history and 360-degree views at 600 feet above the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Boston’s premiere and private social, dining and networking club offers upscale dining areas, private rooms, and events for any business and social occasion. The Boston College Club is an exclusive destination in the sky that is complimented by access toContinue reading “Photo Tour: Boston College Club @ 100 Federal”

The Sunday Investor: The Reopening Boon

Once again, the Sunday Investor is written from an individual active investor perspective. If you hold stock in any way you’re bound to see somewhat of a surge with the upcoming lift of restrictions. The most obvious effect will be seen in consumer stocks of various kinds, including and especially travel related companies, as IContinue reading “The Sunday Investor: The Reopening Boon”

The Sunday Investor: Airline Stocks Set To Take Off

Want to watch your money grow? Now may be the time to grab some airline stock. It is quite reasonable to assume that companies like JetBlue, American and Delta will see great gains as pandemic restrictions lift. At the moment JetBlue and American are the stock opportunities with the lowest share prices. **This is fromContinue reading “The Sunday Investor: Airline Stocks Set To Take Off”

The Sunday Investor: General Electric & Green Energy Gains

For a solid famed American company, the current share price of General Electric is quite low, especially given it’s on the verge of ambitious green energy plans backed by the Biden administration. In my estimation this is a good time to ride the first major green energy wave. And what a wonderful, innovative new branchContinue reading “The Sunday Investor: General Electric & Green Energy Gains”

Spotlight On: Socially Responsible Investing

During the first part of quarantine I became immensely engrossed in learning about Investing and participating in the market, and experiencing the best of what the United States financial institutions have to offer. In the past I have been uninterested because of both not knowing from having a negative impression, and also not realizing thatContinue reading “Spotlight On: Socially Responsible Investing”

How To Start A Business – Step 1: Idea Mode

STEP 1: IDEA MODE 💡 The very first phase of starting a business is idea generation, brainstorming. It’s free! Take into account “what turns you on,” what excites you to move further. During this idea mode, allow your mind to move unrestricted like an inquisitive child, knowing that whatever captures your imagination, you can figureContinue reading “How To Start A Business – Step 1: Idea Mode”