Activating The Ageless Algorithm Pt. 2

02. Habits Way of life, the Tao, flow — this next instruction of the Ageless Algorithm encompasses daily habits and manner. As mentioned in the previous instruction, having an open-ended life span de-stresses one’s manner and culture significantly. To live like an immortal would mean free enjoyment of all life has to offer without theContinue reading “Activating The Ageless Algorithm Pt. 2”

Examining Biological Immortality In Nature by Sarah Ikerd #016 for Immortalists Magazine


Psychedelia Gone Mainstream & The Decriminalization Of Psychedelics

Check your biology textbooks — mushrooms have more in common with us than with plants. They have their own kingdom of thousands of species with unique behaviors. One of the many remarkable features of the Fungi Kingdom is the presence of the compound psilocybin is what we know as psychedelic mushrooms. There has been inContinue reading “Psychedelia Gone Mainstream & The Decriminalization Of Psychedelics”