Artemis Amenti Covers + Supplement Of The Month (yes, the two are related)

Kind of a funny presentation with these covers. I wasn’t necessarily planning on posting them to the channel but that’s how it goes sometimes! The sun was out and the mood was right. The supplement I’m goofily sipping on is Ginseng. Original material on Spotify:

New Music Friday: Artemis Amenti – “Propaganda” from New Normal Album [OCTAVES]

Streaming for a limited time on SoundCloud! + here’s the Artemis Amenti Covers channel on Youtube:

New music: UPSIZE by Artemis Amenti from “New Normal” album • streaming for ltd time on Soundcloud Part of the ongoing 2021 album “New Normal” UPSIZE is streaming on Soundcloud for a limited time before debuting on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora & more!

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: Artemis Amenti “Album Zero” Out Today On Spotify [OCTAVES]

Although this is pre-pandemic material, the songs subjects and overall feel are quite relevant. Am happy to present this as part of OCTAVES music, another facet of Shangri-La Studio artistic endeavors. Categorizations: Electronica, electronic music, downtempo, triphop, ambient, psychedelic, alternative, pop, rock, industrial

Upcoming Music Release: Artemis Amenti – Album Zero (songs from 2018-2019) OCTAVES

Pre-save “Album Zero” on Spotify: Newly mastered material from 2018-2019 that pre-dates The Lockdown Album. Zero is a digit in coding. Zero or theta can also refer to divinity and/or the unified field. Zero as nothing is a paradox. Back to zero can also mean starting over or wiping the slate clean. In this caseContinue reading “Upcoming Music Release: Artemis Amenti – Album Zero (songs from 2018-2019) OCTAVES”