Activating The Ageless Algorithm, Part 4

04. Growth When beliefs and habits change so do biology and outer reality. The universe is a body in motion and so are we by default, yet with increasing choice, and integration of infinite and multidimensional concepts. There are other concurrent levels of reality that we cannot directly see, like the life of our cellsContinue reading “Activating The Ageless Algorithm, Part 4”

Activating The Ageless Algorithm Part 3

03. Food The next instruction of the Ageless Algorithm is to eat and supplement intentionally. Supplements should be regarded as augmentations and not dependencies. There is a plant for every ailment and attribute. I have a growing collection of botanical extracts on my shelf. For maximum benefit, shelve any illogical skepticism about the fruits ofContinue reading “Activating The Ageless Algorithm Part 3”

Activating The Ageless Algorithm Pt. 2

02. Habits Way of life, the Tao, flow — this next instruction of the Ageless Algorithm encompasses daily habits and manner. As mentioned in the previous instruction, having an open-ended life span de-stresses one’s manner and culture significantly. To live like an immortal would mean free enjoyment of all life has to offer without theContinue reading “Activating The Ageless Algorithm Pt. 2”

Activating The Ageless Algorithm Pt. 1

“…discover first hand the eternity of Life, Light, and Truth, as well as the illusion of Death, Darkness, and Sin… Though the modern world may know a million secrets, the ancient world knew one–and that one was greater than the million; for the million secrets breed death, disaster, sorrow, selfishness, lust, and avarice, but theContinue reading “Activating The Ageless Algorithm Pt. 1”

Examining Biological Immortality In Nature by Sarah Ikerd #016 for Immortalists Magazine


Hypothesis: Genetic Defects Caused By Endogenous Retroviruses

This hypothesis is derived from speculative comparisons to human biology while reading the Raven textbook “Biology Of Plants” alongside online research. There are types of retrovirus known to affect both plants and humans, and one example is the Pepper mild mottle virus. In plants, this virus causes genetic deformities like dwarfism and mottling. What IContinue reading “Hypothesis: Genetic Defects Caused By Endogenous Retroviruses”

Psychedelia Gone Mainstream & The Decriminalization Of Psychedelics

Check your biology textbooks — mushrooms have more in common with us than with plants. They have their own kingdom of thousands of species with unique behaviors. One of the many remarkable features of the Fungi Kingdom is the presence of the compound psilocybin is what we know as psychedelic mushrooms. There has been inContinue reading “Psychedelia Gone Mainstream & The Decriminalization Of Psychedelics”

The Sunday Investor: General Electric & Green Energy Gains

For a solid famed American company, the current share price of General Electric is quite low, especially given it’s on the verge of ambitious green energy plans backed by the Biden administration. In my estimation this is a good time to ride the first major green energy wave. And what a wonderful, innovative new branchContinue reading “The Sunday Investor: General Electric & Green Energy Gains”

The Last Generations: An Essay On Immortality & Evolution by Sarah Ikerd # 012 || IM PODCAST

Thank you Immortalists Magazine for featuring my essay. This magazine is building momentum and has some fascinating content. On Instagram: @immortalistsmagazine