Accessory Work For Olympic Lifters: Core Duo On The Back Extension

Return of the core! Here are two moves you can superset on the same piece of equipment for low back & abs.

Studio Shangri-La Fitness: New Client Service — Vibration + Restorative Frequency

Vibration & Sound

“Advocates say that as little as 15 minutes a day of whole-body vibration three times a week may aid weight loss, burn fat, improve flexibility, enhance blood flow, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, build strength and decrease the stress hormone cortisol.” — Mayo Clinic

I tried a 10 minute session on the platform today with 528 Hz – associated with DNA repair – meditation music playing through the built-in speaker so 100% agreed on stress reduction so far. This completely cleared my mind! One can exercise on it too, but I found it a revelation to just stand there and relax.

“Whole-body vibration changes the microbiome, lowers inflammation” — Medical News Today

There’s a lot of evidence both scientific and experiential of the therapeutic benefits of both vibration and restorative frequencies. Vibration can be beneficial for anything from arthritis to cellulite.

** Sessions can be customized for client needs and purpose as either a standalone or part of a longer session.

** Not intended to replace other forms of exercise!

Studio Shangri-La • the gym @ Montaje

449 Canal St • Somerville, MA • 02145

Sarah Ikerd • USAW 2 + Ref • PN 1 • 857-301-1713

Accessory Work For Olympic Lifters: TRX Overhead Triceps Extension

This one pertains to Rack Position in the barbell Clean & Jerk. It also applies to anyone looking to shape & strengthen upper arms. Be mindful of the elbow joints here — adjust foot position further out from the TRX as needed to keep emphasis on the muscles.

Portrait Of A Vegan Grocery List

Fare from Trader Joe’s

Sunday is unofficial grocery day & this has some [vegan] holiday flare.

Here’s the List:

Corn on the cob, Avocado, Kumato, Gold Potato, Japanese Sweet Potato, Red Onion, Fresh Sage, Fresh Thyme, Butter Lettuce w/ Radicchio

Papaya, Apple, Banana, Coconut yogurt, Almond milk chocolate

Soy chorizo, Plant-based burger patties, baked beans, vegan butter, olive oil

Popcorn, Wild Rice Medley, Red Quinoa, Buckwheat Noodles, Multigrain English Muffins

Unsweetened green tea, instant cold brew

I typically won’t go back to the grocery store until I’ve eaten everything. The exception is if I run out of coffee or creamer! My favorite “Barista” oat milk creamer I get from Target or Whole Foods.

Get Your Cardiovascular Back In Gear w/ “Jump Rope Conditioning” E-book

There’s enough sweat in here for everyone & the circuits have different levels!

Amazon link:

** Free download available for clients! ** See previous post for more on training with me.

Back Up & Running! It’s Gym Reopening Day

Let’s bench again ~ like we did last summer (music lyric reference)

It’s reopening day for the gym at Montaje Somerville! So excited, to say the least. This is my new fitness training home base.

For details on booking sessions with me here please contact: or call/text (857) 301-1713. *Please note this is a residential building & access requires being my guest.

Sarah Ikerd, USA Weightlifting Level 2 Advanced Sports Performance Coach + Referee + Precision Nutrition 1

Montaje gym: 449 Canal St, Somerville, MA 02145. There’s a nearby garage, lot and metered parking + the building is directly opposite the Assembly Row Orange Line MBTA.

Olympic Weightlifting: The Most Common Misconception

The most common *misconception* about Olympic Weightlifting — that you have to be an Olympian or headed to the Olympics to do it!

ALSO: Starting tomorrow 5/29 I’ll be offering in-person fitness sessions at the Montaje gym in Somerville. Contact for details =

Best Of New England: Singing Beach, Manchester-by-the-Sea

Some of the best life has to offer ~ Massachusetts ~ unfiltered ~ best seen through eyes

Behold, the theatre of nature! Experience some of the opulent best life has to offer for the cost of time well spent and a $6.50 train ride to Manchester-by-the-Sea. Ordinarily there’s a small walk on fee because it’s a private beach but for the moment it’s free, being early in the season and almost post-pandemic. The beach is a pleasant scenic walk from the MBTA commuter rail. I highly recommend, especially the *next hot weather spell when the water’s warmed up a bit.

Another Magic Mocktail: The Porch Cruiser


This Mocktail is a creation of Mauricio aka Mo, the masterful bartender at the Boston College Club. He named it The Porch Cruiser —Brilliant.

The Porch Cruiser =

Pineapple Juice

Strained Passionfruit Purée

Club Soda

Guava Syrup

Dried Fig Garnish