New Music Friday: Artemis Amenti – “Propaganda” from New Normal Album [OCTAVES]

Streaming for a limited time on SoundCloud! + here’s the Artemis Amenti Covers channel on Youtube:

New music: UPSIZE by Artemis Amenti from “New Normal” album • streaming for ltd time on Soundcloud Part of the ongoing 2021 album “New Normal” UPSIZE is streaming on Soundcloud for a limited time before debuting on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora & more!

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: Artemis Amenti “Album Zero” Out Today On Spotify [OCTAVES]

Although this is pre-pandemic material, the songs subjects and overall feel are quite relevant. Am happy to present this as part of OCTAVES music, another facet of Shangri-La Studio artistic endeavors. Categorizations: Electronica, electronic music, downtempo, triphop, ambient, psychedelic, alternative, pop, rock, industrial

Upcoming Music Release: Artemis Amenti – Album Zero (songs from 2018-2019) OCTAVES

Pre-save “Album Zero” on Spotify: Newly mastered material from 2018-2019 that pre-dates The Lockdown Album. Zero is a digit in coding. Zero or theta can also refer to divinity and/or the unified field. Zero as nothing is a paradox. Back to zero can also mean starting over or wiping the slate clean. In this caseContinue reading “Upcoming Music Release: Artemis Amenti – Album Zero (songs from 2018-2019) OCTAVES”

OCTAVES Music: New Single Release – Artemis Amenti “Soul Satisfaction” on album New Normal

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