Deluxe Summer Fruit Bowl

Watermelon Peach Halves + Juice from jar or can Goldenberries Raspberries For water content, vitamins & minerals, fruit is great recovery food in between workouts or after time out in the sun. To avoid mindless or binge-eating keep vitamin and mineral (whole food) content high, drink plenty of water, stay active, minimize or eliminate alcohol.Continue reading “Deluxe Summer Fruit Bowl”

Personal Olympic Weightlifting Log: Coming Off Deload Week

I’m looking forward to getting back to some serious workload next week. I definitely say that with happiness. However, I do completely realize the importance of backing off and respecting one’s physiology during a deload week or recovery period. This past week was definitely that, coming off two weeks of work pushing some numbers. I’veContinue reading “Personal Olympic Weightlifting Log: Coming Off Deload Week”