Deluxe Summer Fruit Bowl

Watermelon Peach Halves + Juice from jar or can Goldenberries Raspberries For water content, vitamins & minerals, fruit is great recovery food in between workouts or after time out in the sun. To avoid mindless or binge-eating keep vitamin and mineral (whole food) content high, drink plenty of water, stay active, minimize or eliminate alcohol.Continue reading “Deluxe Summer Fruit Bowl”

Studio Shangri-La Fitness: New Client Service — Vibration + Restorative Frequency

“Advocates say that as little as 15 minutes a day of whole-body vibration three times a week may aid weight loss, burn fat, improve flexibility, enhance blood flow, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, build strength and decrease the stress hormone cortisol.” — Mayo Clinic I tried a 10 minute session on the platform today withContinue reading “Studio Shangri-La Fitness: New Client Service — Vibration + Restorative Frequency”

Back Up & Running! It’s Gym Reopening Day

It’s reopening day for the gym at Montaje Somerville! So excited, to say the least. This is my new fitness training home base. For details on booking sessions with me here please contact: or call/text (857) 301-1713. *Please note this is a residential building & access requires being my guest. Sarah Ikerd, USA WeightliftingContinue reading “Back Up & Running! It’s Gym Reopening Day”

Fitness Update: Training w/ me at Montaje gym OPEN starting Saturday 5/29!

Very happy to announce that I’m able to train clients at the Montaje gym starting this Saturday, May 29th! There is plenty of parking, by the way, in the immediate area. The Montaje building is directly opposite the Assembly Row Orange Line MBTA stop. For booking either e-mail: Or call/text: 857-301-1713 😊👍💪

Personal Log: Moments With Nature

Today’s breaking news — I got to feed a baby bird that fell out of the nest. It was in the middle of the busy Somerville Bike Path chirping and held its ground. Some people told me perhaps don’t touch it or interfere, but I didn’t want it to get run over. Makes sense right?Continue reading “Personal Log: Moments With Nature”

New Art: Mystic Temple

Prints & original (purchase or rent) available on Turning Art for businesses Prints or original available on Saatchi Art for individuals To order custom prints direct, e-mail: This brightly colored new piece is based on the photo I took at night of the Mystic River in Somerville. The colors of the boat and trafficContinue reading “New Art: Mystic Temple”

Update: Fitness Training At Assembly Row

Update on the fitness training — I can also offer outdoor sessions at the apartment complex where I live in Somerville, provided there’s 48 hours notice so I can make a reservation ahead of time. If interested, please contact me here:

Fitness Training At Assembly Row

Now that the weather’s warming up I’m able to offer outdoor fitness sessions at Assembly Row / Assembly Square in Somerville, MA at Sylvester Baxter Park on the Mystic River. If interested, contact me here: