Accessory Work For Olympic Lifters: TRX Overhead Triceps Extension

This one pertains to Rack Position in the barbell Clean & Jerk. It also applies to anyone looking to shape & strengthen upper arms. Be mindful of the elbow joints here — adjust foot position further out from the TRX as needed to keep emphasis on the muscles.

Back Up & Running! It’s Gym Reopening Day

It’s reopening day for the gym at Montaje Somerville! So excited, to say the least. This is my new fitness training home base. For details on booking sessions with me here please contact: or call/text (857) 301-1713. *Please note this is a residential building & access requires being my guest. Sarah Ikerd, USA WeightliftingContinue reading “Back Up & Running! It’s Gym Reopening Day”

Olympic Weightlifting: The Most Common Misconception

The most common *misconception* about Olympic Weightlifting — that you have to be an Olympian or headed to the Olympics to do it! ALSO: Starting tomorrow 5/29 I’ll be offering in-person fitness sessions at the Montaje gym in Somerville. Contact for details =

Olympic Weightlifting: Most Common Clean & Jerk Technical Error + Solution, A Ref Perspective

The Olympic Weightlifting content continues complete with plentiful hand gestures! Previous videos are searchable on this page under that category and on the YouTube channel homepage. This video is about lockout in the Clean & Jerk. After watching and reffing two online National competitions in the past year – and seeing some amazing lifting –Continue reading “Olympic Weightlifting: Most Common Clean & Jerk Technical Error + Solution, A Ref Perspective”

Update: Fitness Training At Assembly Row

Update on the fitness training — I can also offer outdoor sessions at the apartment complex where I live in Somerville, provided there’s 48 hours notice so I can make a reservation ahead of time. If interested, please contact me here:

Fitness Training At Assembly Row

Now that the weather’s warming up I’m able to offer outdoor fitness sessions at Assembly Row / Assembly Square in Somerville, MA at Sylvester Baxter Park on the Mystic River. If interested, contact me here: