USA Weightlifting Olympic Coach Mentorship Camp in Salt Lake City, Day 4

What a great experience! So glad I went. A valuable and really fun experience with USAW Directors Mike Gattone & Pyrros Dimas, and coaches from around the country. Really enjoyed the info & tips, lively discussions, outings and getting to know everyone a bit. Look forward to seeing them again.

Veganism & Weightlifting, Part 2

“When plants dream, they dream big.” — Whole Foods ad Once again expounding the benefits of a vegan diet, how I made the transition, and advice related to increased physical activity / eating plant-based amidst regular training.

Accessory Work For Olympic Lifters: TRX Overhead Triceps Extension

This one pertains to Rack Position in the barbell Clean & Jerk. It also applies to anyone looking to shape & strengthen upper arms. Be mindful of the elbow joints here — adjust foot position further out from the TRX as needed to keep emphasis on the muscles.

Olympic Weightlifting: The Most Common Misconception

The most common *misconception* about Olympic Weightlifting — that you have to be an Olympian or headed to the Olympics to do it! ALSO: Starting tomorrow 5/29 I’ll be offering in-person fitness sessions at the Montaje gym in Somerville. Contact for details =

Olympic Weightlifting: A Bit About Constructive Coaching During Competition

The main point in this video is that the time for technical cues is during training and when it’s competition time that’s when encouragement and morale boosting should be the focus in order to turn out a great performance and minimize nerves.

Olympic Weightlifting: Most Common Clean & Jerk Technical Error + Solution, A Ref Perspective

The Olympic Weightlifting content continues complete with plentiful hand gestures! Previous videos are searchable on this page under that category and on the YouTube channel homepage. This video is about lockout in the Clean & Jerk. After watching and reffing two online National competitions in the past year – and seeing some amazing lifting –Continue reading “Olympic Weightlifting: Most Common Clean & Jerk Technical Error + Solution, A Ref Perspective”

Advice Column: Lifters, Take Care Of Your Feet!

Lifters and athletes especially – but anyone — take care of your feet! They’re the workhorse heroes of the body that are often unsung. For an Olympic lifter the muscles of the feet are especially busy, launching up and then impacting down. Nobody told me when I first started out the importance of foot care,Continue reading “Advice Column: Lifters, Take Care Of Your Feet!”